Quilt Ladders Are A Great Way To Display Rustic Quilts Learn How To Make Yours!

Do you have lots of beautiful quilts, but don’t have enough beds to display them on? It’s a shame to hide stunning quilts in a closet, especially when you can use something such as a quilt ladder to display them. Quilt ladders are just that a four or five step ladder that you can hang your rustic quilts on to display them and use them not only for warmth, but also as art! Unfortunately, quilt ladders can cost a small fortune in catalogues, and even online. Luckily, it doesn’t cost very much to make one yourself!

Before you begin building your own quilt ladder, you’ll need to gather these materials: 2 72″seasoned wood rails, 2″ in diameter; 5 1/2′ seasoned wood for rungs, 1 1/2″ in diameter; drill with bits; saw; 16 penny nails; wood pencil; measuring tape; and sandpaper.

Start by laying out the two wood rails beside each other. Mark one indicating that it’s the left rail. Measure and mark each rail at 12 inches up, 28 inches up, and 44 inches up. Using a 1/8″ bit, drill a pilot hole at each of these marked points. Then you’ll need to cut both the top and bottom rungs. Measure the top rung out to be 16″ and cut it at that mark. Measure the bottom rung out to be at 24″ and cut it at that mark.

Using the pilot holes you drilled as placement guides, place the ladder rungs in between the wooden rails. Then set the top and bottom rung in place. At this point, you’ll need to measure out how long the middle rung will need to be and cut a piece of wood to fit. Once that’s done, you can then sandpaper and file the rungs to get them to fit together nicely. It’s important to remember that a bit of a rustic look here will work. You will after all, be placing rustic quilts onto it. But, you also don’t want there to be very large gaps between the rungs and the rails.

Next you’ll need to drill a 1/8″ hole in the end of each of the rungs. This hole should be slightly longer than the fastener. Then place the top rung in place and nail it in with a penny nail. Then nail the middle rung in place, and then the last rung.

After this, just run your hand over the entire quilt ladder to see if there are any rough edges. While again, it’s fine to be rustic, you also don’t want your beautiful rustic quilts to snag on the ladder that they sit on. Once the ladder is smooth, you can then stain the quilt ladder, paint it, or design it in any way you choose. One of the greatest things about making your own quilt ladder is that you can allow it to really show off your own personal taste and style!

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