Using horses in your Western Décor.

When you want a home design that makes you want to giddy up and go, try Wild West décor. Western décor is stylish and timeless. The equestrian look never goes out of style. It can be easy to go overboard when using Wild West décor, but with some simple tips, you can create a room whether it is a bedroom or a rec room that is tasteful and fun.

“œIncorporating horses, western décor and a Wild West décor look can be tricky because you don’t want it to look overdone or cartoonish,” said Michigan-based interior decorator Jamie Abode. “œYou want to add some subtle equestrian elements, such as horse shoes and rope detailing to give your western décor a look of elegance and polish.”

Whether you are looking for a full range of western décor for your cabin or just some touches, such as western bedding, for a bedroom, you can go online to find Wild West décor on specialty websites that cater to rustic decorating and have loads of ideas for western décor for your cabin.

“œIf you want to design a bedroom with a western décor theme, then there are a lot of fun options that won’t look too hokey,” Abode said. “œGet a fun horse print bedding and pair it with a knotty wood bed frame that looks like a fence.”

Abode suggests that you add rope-adorned picture frames and horseshoe-shaped hooks to hang clothes and robes on to keep the theme flowing.

When you are looking for western décor for your cabin, you can make you living room or kitchen fun by pairing rustic decor with equestrian items. Large horse-print rugs can warm up a wooden floor or fancy up a plain cabin wall. The horseshoe theme can continue to the kitchen, with equestrian inspired cabinet knobs, horseshoe hooks and Wild West décor, such as printed kitchen towels and placements.

“œEven little touches can make a boring room very fun and keep the horse theme going,” Abode said. “œPlus, Wild West décor has been is style since, well, the Wild West.”

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