Changing the Bedding for the Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to open up the cabin or switch out the winter blankets for lighter summer bedding. Rustic décor is the perfect theme for a summer lake house or hunting cabin because it fits so well with your surroundings. When you are looking for a change of bedding for the summer season you should keep a few things in mind. First, you’ll want to match the season and the rest of the room, but you also want to make sure that you have blankets of an appropriate weight for cool summer nights. In many places, the temperature can drop significantly overnight, so make sure you have extra blankets on hand.

Matching the Season

With summer comes lots of bright light and sunshine that can really open a room up. If your bedroom gets plenty of sunshine all day long, you will definitely want to choose lighter colors for your summer bedding. Most people actually prefer bright and light colors for the summer to match the abundance of sunshine and overall all good feeling of being outdoors in the warmth. If your walls are a dark wood or painted in dark colors, a lighter, creamier color to you bedding will really brighten up your lodge décor.

Consider the Temperature

If the days are warm but the nights tend to drop in temperature unexpectedly during the summer, you should consider layering your summer bedding. If you like your duvet cover, you can switch to a lighter weight duvet for the summer to keep the look of your bedroom consistent. Another good option is to have layers of blankets that can be added or taken away as the temperature dictates. If you have plenty of light blankets on hand it won’t matter how chilly the night gets, you’ll always be cozy in bed.

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